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Fauxwood Blinds Installation at Burgundy McKinley, Pasay City, Philippines
Fauxwood Blinds : White Color
In most bedroom windows, the morning sun shines directly to you while you're sleeping.  It is not really bothersome when the weather is cold or when it's raining, however, it is especially bothersome when it's summer time. Cotton curtains can’t do a good job for you of preventing the heat entering your room. If you are looking for window cover which can do the trick, try Fauxwood Blinds.

Fauxwood blinds have an appealing characteristic for many reasons.

If you have specific color in mind for the perfect style of your home, Fauxwood blinds have several shades to match it with your decor. Wood stain colors are available e.g. cherry wood, birch, oak and even light colors like almond, off white and white which was chosen from one of our customers at Burgundy McKinley, Pasay City.  Of course, budget is one of our constraints when planning to purchase a new window cover. As Fauxwood blinds become more and more popular in the market, the materials used to create them have become more and more affordable too compared to real wood.

Even though Fauxwood blinds is only an imitation of Wooden blinds, its look is as elegant as real wood, have a moisture and heat resistant characteristic and more affordable which makes it more salable.  It looks nice, and compared to natural wooden blinds, they are not prone to wear and tear.

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