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PVC Vertical Blinds: Brush Slate Design
PVC Vertical Blinds Installation at Summerfield Subdivision, Cainta Rizal
Blinds Philippines  ̶  People who owned a large window at home understand how the sun can come through. The sun rays are magnified as they pass through the glass. Using Vertical Blinds is a best choice for these blinds will not only save your furniture, but can also save you much money. 
Vertical Blinds with PVC slats are one of the most popular for families with kids and pets at home. PVC slats also offer the comfort of being flame retardant and treated with anti-static solution. One of our clients from Cainta, Rizal opted for brush slate design and hue for his windows because blue color represents overwhelming and cooling environment.

PVC vertical blinds are usually an economical and basic solution for windows that hard to cover. It was recommended for large and high windows, patio doors and even glass walls and durable enough compared to other kinds of blinds. PVC vertical blinds consist of several colors and designs which allows homeowners to customize different color combination, depending on your preference and which can blend perfectly on your home theme. PVC Slats provide a sleek modern look that people will enjoy.

We also offer fabric slats for vertical blinds.

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Fauxwood Blinds Installation at Burgundy McKinley, Pasay City, Philippines
Fauxwood Blinds : White Color
In most bedroom windows, the morning sun shines directly to you while you're sleeping.  It is not really bothersome when the weather is cold or when it's raining, however, it is especially bothersome when it's summer time. Cotton curtains can’t do a good job for you of preventing the heat entering your room. If you are looking for window cover which can do the trick, try Fauxwood Blinds.

Fauxwood blinds have an appealing characteristic for many reasons.

If you have specific color in mind for the perfect style of your home, Fauxwood blinds have several shades to match it with your decor. Wood stain colors are available e.g. cherry wood, birch, oak and even light colors like almond, off white and white which was chosen from one of our customers at Burgundy McKinley, Pasay City.  Of course, budget is one of our constraints when planning to purchase a new window cover. As Fauxwood blinds become more and more popular in the market, the materials used to create them have become more and more affordable too compared to real wood.

Even though Fauxwood blinds is only an imitation of Wooden blinds, its look is as elegant as real wood, have a moisture and heat resistant characteristic and more affordable which makes it more salable.  It looks nice, and compared to natural wooden blinds, they are not prone to wear and tear.

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Blinds Philippines - Everybody likes a gorgeous home.  But not everybody knows how, given a budget constraint.  Some people focus their budget for home improvements in flooring, ceiling, furniture and the likes.  Only the informed knows that window treatment is one of the most cost effective way of making your home stunning and gorgeous.  It lifts the total package of a room at a quarter of a cost of some expensive flooring or furniture.  Plus the price range of window blinds is wide enough for you to mix and match your preferences vs. budget.

The good thing about roller black out blinds when it comes to making your home gorgeous is that it has a minimalistic design.  If you are a person that adores a right balance of function and beauty, roller black out is just right for you.  A clean and sleek fabric, a durable chain for control, a sturdy but smooth operating overhead mechanism, a clean white bottom rail is all there is - no frills, no non-essential parts, no non-sense.

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Choosing a new door for your home or office can be a challenging task for most people. If you’re searching for a uniquely practical solution for sound as well as space-saving door, PVC Folding Door is the best solution. Combining its beautiful look, affordability and providing high level of security for you and your significant others, PVC Folding door can lift up compared to other types of doors.

Folding Door is also known as “accordion door”. Folding Door is commonly found in modern houses, offices, churches, and restaurants that require soundproofing for instance when sound and speeches are given. These doors are ideal to install in spaces that are small which require a space-saving door and it was also designed to provide easy space division with pleasing visual appearance.
PVC Folding Door Installed at Global City, Taguig, Philippines
French Type Folding Door : Cedar Color
To enhance the beauty of your room, you can choose folding that is made up of glass and polyvinyl material known as French door. Our client from Global City, Taguig wants it to look stunning that’s why he opted for a French type. If you’re concern with your privacy and want to totally block the view, you can have Regular or Deluxe type which is a pure PVC material and of course, more affordable.

We do have window blinds e.g. roller blinds, horizontal blinds, vertical blinds and also vinyl wallpaper coverings and carpets.

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