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One of our clients who just moved into her newly built house in Santolan, Pasig City opted for PVC Vertical Blinds for her large and tall window. Our client had a large and tall stair window and she used PVC Vertical Blinds: Corr Curve Dark Gray because it is one of the most recommended blinds for tall and large windows. PVC Vertical Blinds also give her a full light control, making it easier for her to control the light during daytime and night-time.
Through using PVC Vertical Blinds, she can fully enjoy the filtered light entering her windows without worrying about harming her furniture and regulating the heat for her family’s safety. With PVC Vertical Blinds, you can control how much light will enter into your room, depending on your preference by just moving the slats. It also has the ability to block the sunlight if you want and one of the cheapest blinds in blinds industry. Large of choices of colors and designs for Vertical Blinds are available, which can ensure you find the best color and style that will fit in your windows.
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Dormitory performs an important part when it comes to molding students into independent yet responsible person. Students who decided to become independent from their parents and stay in dormitories rather than remain at home are more likely to become professionals in their particular fields for they may develop a sense of responsibility. Staying in a dorm gives student the taste of being independent which can motivate them to succeed.

It is important in a dormitory to have a comfortable environment for them to focus or concentrate on their studies. A good ambiance helps them understand their lesson. A good ambiance or environment pertains to the two aspects; the people surround them and the design and atmosphere of the dorm. When you are planning to design your dorm, you can use PVC vertical blinds.

PVC vertical blinds are very useful blinds not only for the offices, but also for the homes and various establishments. PVC vertical blinds are very useful for studying because it can reduce noise coming from the outside which can help them to concentrate more on their studies.
Our client from Pio Del Pilar, Makati City opted to use Plain Flat Grey PVC vertical blinds for his dormitory to assure the occupant’s comfort and safety at the same time gives attraction for those who are looking for dormitories because PVC vertical blinds also give an elegant look to a room.
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Practically today, tenants look for a much cheaper rental apartment but there are still people who are looking for an apartment that they could feel comfortable and relaxed after a stress and tiring day regardless of the price. They also want a bigger space for their furniture and other stuffs. But do you know that your small apartment can be look bigger and attractive in an easy way?

To make an apartment look larger in its space, you can choose certain light colors for your wall. For example, you can choose cream colors or icy blues which are bright and reflective and can create an illusion that makes your space looks bigger and brighter. Avoid from dark colors for wall and ceilings. For the window treatment, you can choose light colors of blinds like PVC Vertical Blinds. PVC vertical blinds can not only be used in offices but also as home window treatment. Literally, it can make your place look bigger and brighter for it occupies a small space unlike curtains.

Pictures were taken from one of our clients in Magallanes Village, Makati City who used to design PVC vertical blinds for his apartment to look more alluring and create a larger space. As you can see in the pictures, he chose Woody Off-white PVC vertical blinds for the window and cream wallpaper for his wall. His apartment looks bigger, brighter, much comfortable and relaxing with the combination he chose.

In DS Windows and Walls, you can choose different window treatments such as roller blinds, combi blinds, venetian blinds etc. that can make your room or space look much bigger and more stylish. It can occupy less space for it can be inside or outside of your window frame.

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PVC Vertical Blinds: Brush Slate Design
PVC Vertical Blinds Installation at Summerfield Subdivision, Cainta Rizal
Blinds Philippines  ̶  People who owned a large window at home understand how the sun can come through. The sun rays are magnified as they pass through the glass. Using Vertical Blinds is a best choice for these blinds will not only save your furniture, but can also save you much money. 
Vertical Blinds with PVC slats are one of the most popular for families with kids and pets at home. PVC slats also offer the comfort of being flame retardant and treated with anti-static solution. One of our clients from Cainta, Rizal opted for brush slate design and hue for his windows because blue color represents overwhelming and cooling environment.

PVC vertical blinds are usually an economical and basic solution for windows that hard to cover. It was recommended for large and high windows, patio doors and even glass walls and durable enough compared to other kinds of blinds. PVC vertical blinds consist of several colors and designs which allows homeowners to customize different color combination, depending on your preference and which can blend perfectly on your home theme. PVC Slats provide a sleek modern look that people will enjoy.

We also offer fabric slats for vertical blinds.

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Limited budget is not a pre-requisite to endure on your boring and old style bedroom. Bedroom is the most relaxing room in the house a serene place to sleep and dream, thus, giving your bedroom a new look and room makeover to enhance its color and style are necessary.

Transforming your bedroom’s motif and theme is quite easy just a few touches here and there. A wall which is the largest portion of your bedroom can be covered using wallpaper covering. Also your windows, of course, can be covered by elegant window blinds in a cost efficient manner. If you are confused of what types of blinds to use for your sliding glass windows, then we can recommend you vertical blinds, either PVC or fabric material.
PVC Vertical Blinds Installation at Makati City, Philippines
Brush Slate PVC Vertical Blinds
Our client from Makati City, Philippines opted for Brush Slate color and patterned of PVC Vertical Blinds for her bedroom. PVC vertical blinds refer to a simple lightweight window covering which consist of vertically hanging slats. Since vertical blinds usually hang from a single track, and adjusted to move from side to side, these blinds are best for large, sliding windows and patio doors.  PVC vertical blinds are available in a variety of styles, colors and textures, and made of polyvinyl material. This kind of blinds has the ability to control light and effectively darken rooms when fully closed.

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