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High ceilings and tall windows can add sophistication, elegance, light and beauty to a room. But it is also very challenging to decorate and often making it difficult to create a sense of warmth and intimacy. The beauty of a two-story ceiling can be quite attractive; however, creating a comfortable and welcoming feeling to the space beneath it can be a quite challenge. Choosing a wall color, window treatments, furniture and lighting can make the difference between a cold, hollow space and a warm, inviting retreat.

Here in the Philippines, there are only two seasons; the rainy and sunny season. During the summer season, it is very possible to experience much heat inside the room with high ceiling windows. Even using air-conditions will not make the room cools down, so that using Roller Blinds can be your other option to cools down room temperature. Roller Blinds have two types; the Blackout Roller Blinds that totally blocks sunlight and the Sunscreen Roller Blinds which lessen the sun lights that strikes to the window. With the high ceiling windows, it is very advisable to use Sunscreen Roller Blinds. It will cools down the room temperature without getting the room too dark.

Our client from Zapote, Alabang owns a house with a high ceiling window. With his high ceiling window, his house looks more elegant but during summer, his air-conditions is not enough to lessen the heat temperature that’s why he opted to use A4015 Khaki Sunscreen Roller Blinds. With the use of it, even if it's summer, the comfortable and welcoming feeling of his room with a high ceiling window remains.
Even if how tall that window is as long as we can measure it and is not dangerous to install window blinds, we can serve it for you. But we are still after for the installer's sake when it comes to a high ceiling window like this.

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