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Combining the attractiveness of real wood together with the durability ease of cleaning and weather resistance, they are considered the new generation of blinds ̶ the Fauxwood Blinds / Durawood Blinds. This new type of blinds can be found in the same finish and stains of real wood blinds ̶ from white to cherry to mahogany stains. You can match the color of Fauxwood blinds to your furniture sets, floor, ceiling and other home decor.
Fauxwood window covers can actually be used in interior or exterior area due to its moisture-resistant characteristic. It provides an elegant indoor look and stand in a long period of time even when exposed directly to heat and moisture. It can maintain its look and color and doesn’t fade and warp easily.

Through imitating wood stains and look, you can bring the beauty of real wood in your home though it is made of polyvinyl. Its price is almost as half as of real wood blinds and purchasing Fauxwood blinds are a very affordable way to bring the feel of nature in your home.

We customize different sizes of blinds.

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